Why Agave for the skin?

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What makes The Blue Agave so special?  and why is it so beneficial for the skin ?.

Most people are familiar with the benefits of Aloe, but little is known about the closely related succulent plant "the Agave and the Blue Agave" That is, other than, Tequila and nectar, and although it is the same plant as the one use in tequila production, the process is totally different and so are the parts of the plant use for skin repair and beauty.

Aloe and Agave have some similarities as both are very good for the skin, but while Aloe keeps its richness in the sap of its leafs close to the surface, the Agave keeps its life supply in its core, and at the base of its leafs.

The Agave who is a native plant of the Americas has been used for centuries to heal wounds and repair the skin because of its unique properties for skin renewal and its ability to re-hydrate and retain the skin's moisture.

Agave and Blue Agave are a natural yet powerful source of the best elements known to improve restore and repair the skin. These are Polysaccharides and Saponins

Polysaccharides are the elements responsible for the skin's natural ability to retain water to heal and renew itself. Replenishing our skin's own polysaccharides with those found in the Blue Agave is key for our skin health, look and feel, as it also contains powerful antioxidants  antiseptic and anti- inflammation

As we age, the concentration of our skin polysaccharides decreases and so does the skin's ability to retain and maintain its natural moisture. The Blue Agave naturally replenishes and heals the lost elasticity and moisture improving the skin tone. 

Agave is also rich in Saponins which is one of the most natural elements to effectively increases the natural production of hyaluronic acid.  Test show an improvement of up to 200% in vitro.