Pro-Rituals Collection


Signature Look

Transform your Spa and improve your customer memorable experience.

AgaveSpa's Signature rituals are based on ancient traditions that bring back the Mayan & Aztec beauty rituals with its healing and holistic transforming approach to a wholesome beauty of mind, body, and soul.

We offer professional sizes for your back bar needs as well as the following accessories to help you achieve the Agave Spa signature look:

  • Beautifully hand crafted obsidian stones for Face and Body massages
  • Ambiental Breeze to refresh your cabin and set the mood.
  • Essential Oils and Oil Inhalers 
  • Mexican hand woven trays
  • Custom hand-made bed runners 

Choose from any of our Signature SPA rituals below to make your guest Spa visit more memorable. Make the experience a treat for the senses.

  • The purpose of the Tzolkin massage is to unblock energetic points and release the ordered flow of energy. Our massage may help the body become relaxed, which can result in improving sleep, releasing endorphin's and improving moods.
  • The Tzolkin massage is a unique experience that will renew your senses by incorporating the Mayan world views and knowledge, the Tzolkin massage technique was created from the relation of the energy  Body points and  20 sun seals.
  • Each seal has a duality of energy express as opposing forces.  Thus we see that when the body falls into a negative state, the energetic points fail to express themselves.
  • Since ancient times, the Agave has been a powerful and natural antiseptic that allows a deep moisturizing effect with its high contents of amino sugars.
  •  The Agave boosts body cell renewal and has medicinal properties such as anti-inflammatory and anti-scarring effects.
  •  Our after-Sun treatment uses the powers of the Agave for protecting, restoring, and soothing the skin from external aggression's such as, solar UVA and UVB, rays, pollution, toxic agents, and other free radicals.
  • This innovative protocol uses symbols and rituals reminding us on why the Agave is considered sacred and why it is the essence of Mexico.

  • The Mayahuel ritual's active ingredients moisturize, nurture and activate the natural skin rejuvenating process inspired by the therapeutic massages of the Middle American cultures who would align any unbalance in the human body that can cause a disease and premature aging. 
  • With the variety of our antioxidant products combined with the thermal effect of the obsidian stone against the skin, this treatment recovers the firmness in areas that are most affected by sagging and invigorates the skin while reducing stretch marks.
  • The antioxidant line’s active ingredients moisturize, nurture and activate the natural skin rejuvenating process.

  • The body is the representation of the cosmos and each sphere is related to an energy center in the body. 
  • Our rituals and massage techniques aim to unblock and align the energy seals with the Tzolkin process, allowing the flow of the energy and cleansing it with  the “Jade,” a symbol of life and eternity for Middle Americans.
  • The exceptional properties of the Agave regenerative plant complex, the rice oil extract, the Argilerine and the Alpine plant complex are ideal for repairing the symptoms of tired, dry, and sensitive skin that are provoked by stress, fatigue and pollution.
  • Our ingredients activate smoothness and bring back the illumination to your skin and like the Taiyari restores the perfect balance.
  • The Cora's tribe sought harmony in nature and for them beauty and health is a representation that not only takes place on the physical body but also the mind. 
  • Our anti-aging treatment unblocks energy points on the face with an invigorating massage and features the use of pearls that reflect moonlight, like the Goddess of Fertility, while releasing the restrained energy stored on the face. 
  • The Agave extract with the additional  ingredient combination of Argilerine and Hyaluronic acid are the true answer to rejuvenation.
  • The Hydro-nutritive pearl elixir combined with the pearl extract deliver a substantial improvement in the skin’s texture, elasticity, and tonicity. The results are a rejuvenating and a complete renewal treatment. Resulting in the beauty and heath combination outcome as the Cora tribe would seek for.

  • The Mayans considered health as a “balance” and the passing of time was a series of cycles.
  •  The anti-aging facial and eye contour treatment is intended to restore the balance between the mind and body, defying the passing of time. 
  • Our active ingredients play an exceptional role in rejuvenation,beginning by re-activating the energy circuits located on the face by using the Tzolkin massage technique and a collagen veil.
  • During the active phase, we apply the Pearl & Agave products with a penetrating micro-massage with our obsidian facial stones.
  • The focus is to unblock the energy circuit surrounding the eyes by using pearls, placed on the most important energy points releasing the restrained energy.
  • This treatment activates a Botox and lifting effect with the Argilerine and hyaluronic acid. The anti-aging facial treatment softens and diminishes the visible signs of aging by smoothing and brightening the face for glowing skin.