Agave Spa Skincare

The secrets of the Blue Agave Extract

The Blue Agave extracts are our main ingredient. It is a natural and powerful source to repair, restore, brighten and reduce the appearance of expression lines. As we age, the concentration of the skin polysaccharides decreases.

Blue Agave has the highest concentration of these carb-like elements, and they are directly responsible for the skin's ability to hydrate and retain water. Agave is also rich in Saponins which effectively increases the natural hyaluronic acid production in the skin by up to 200% in vitro.

Like no other, all of our products feature the Agave Phyto-Restore Complex™ plus other all-natural and enhancing ingredients including Pearl, Silk, Argilerine and Citrus Extracts. Our beautiful and powerful formulations are fast absorbing with a non-greasy velvety consistency and a herbal fresh scent.

The Blue Agave. There is just nothing like it.