About Us

Let me tell you a story . .

It all started in Los Cabos Mexico, in case you are not familiar with it, Cabo it is a secluded beach paradise and home to some of the best upscale resorts and spas on the West Coast.


It is here that our founder, a young entrepreneur started. Having a lot of experience in the Spa-World and the best French and Italian skincare lines, She kind of view herself as having a mission, to create an all natural, skincare based on the skin healing properties of the Blue Agave plant, so close to her heart. 


Merging the Mexican Blue Agave extracts and the latest European technology available a unique and uncomplicated skincare line was born.Carefully chosen enhancing natural ingredients were added to complement the "Agave and Blue Agave" extracts and to improve the results in the skin moisture, elasticity, and tone.


We wanted to develop a skin care line with a clean and uncomplicated approach to beauty. One in which our resources go towards always having the best unique ingredients and the quality is never compromised. It is here that our investment lies. Not in paid publicity ads or endorsements.


Reliable and sustainable quality products made of Blue Agave for you to experience and feel the difference in your skin.


Proud of our heritage and lucky to have the Blue Agave as a natural resource, it was born and rooted in Mexico from European ancestors - Our line lives in a word of Old Haciendas, the life of pampered luxury and spiritual holistic solitude. This is the world of the Agave.


Come join us to the world of AgaveSpa.