Winter Skin Defense

Although you may live in an area that isn't quite cold yet, I can assure you, Jack Frost will come to nip you in the nose before too long.  When he does, will you be ready for what winter has in store? We can cover up with winter clothes, our faces, however, can bring about damaged, dry and tough skin. 

 If you suffer with dandruff, dermatitis, perpetual dryness or other winter related skin irritations, you should know that the winter months can wreak havoc on these conditions. I'm sure you can relate to the fact that normally elbows, knees and feet are sometimes overlooked until the seasons start to change again. 

 You can try soaking in a warm bath and follow up with the luxurious Agave Special Reserve Body Massage Oil or the Agave Body Lotion to replenish your skin's youthful and healthy balance. This massage oil and body lotion are made with Blue Agave leaf extract to lock in moisture.

 The skin on your face is the most tender part of your body, and it needs special care.  At the same time, if you work in an occupation where washing your hands frequently is a necessity, I hope that you wear gloves to help protect your delicate hands.  Even with protection, your hands probably need your undivided attention as well.


Using Agave Facial Cleansing Products

Clear, youthful looking skin is the ideal picture.  However, not everyone has it.  Makeup has a way of tricking you into thinking that everyone has the perfect skin, when indeed, they do not.  Nonetheless, if you have skin imperfections, irritation or inflammation, you might want to try Agave's facial scrub.

 Skin Inflammation is caused by pores that are clogged up.  It happens mostly when we have made numerous attempts to clear or cure the skin.  Sometimes in our best efforts, we end up doing more damage to our skin then what was intended.  After we find the best solution for our skin, then we must prevent future breakouts.  Continued confirmations propose that our facial cleansing products can handle the job. The Agave facial scrub is a mild leaf-based exfoliating powder that rids the face of useless cells, leaving it smoother and brighter than before. 

Have you heard about our facial cleansing products?  They improve certain conditions such as cleaning without drying out the skin.  The cleansing gel is soap free and is a refreshing lather that removes impurities without disturbing the skin's natural moisture balance. Your skin is the greatest part of your body and we should keep it protected from the consequences of winter-related aggravations. 

 There are other ways in which to combat winter's reflection: 

  • Staying hydrated is tops no matter the season.  Dry bodies mean dry skin.  Don't deprive your body of its neediest minerals.  A deficient supply of water can do more to our skin than we expect simply because, the skin works from inside out.  There's always conflicting information on the amount to drink, however a good rule would be to drink at least two to three quarts per day.

  • The University of Iowa healthcare studied that water followed by the application of oil such as a moisturizer is of great benefit for dry skin.
  • Virgin coconut oil is a sublime decision for saturating your face and hair, while warm olive oil can protect your hands, hair and even your scalp from excessive dryness. 
  • During the cooler climates, another great accommodating feature to add to the home is a humidifier.  Keep it going throughout the day to keep a level of dampness around the home.  Use as a steam vaporize as a part of your evening routine and as a cool humidifier during the day.