Smile Freely

Do we all become insecure about smiling when we start noticing fine lines and wrinkles, especially in the eye area? Now, your crow’s feet aren’t going to disappear from one day to the next but it is necessary to keep the delicate area hydrated and well maintained. As our skin ages, we lose the natural ability of our skin to self moisturize.  What your delicate skin around the eye really needs are antioxidants, simple hydrating formulations that don't cause irritation and will really work!

Research has shown that the skin under the eye is a lot thinner and more prone to drying out than the skin on the rest of the face. Our skin in the eye area is especially sensitive to facial movements like laughing and squinting.  This can result in crow's feet, wrinkles, dark circles and bags under the eyes, which can all make you look a lot older than you actually are.  For most of us, a product which offers to help take a few years off our face is more than welcome.  Botox is often used as a quick fix for wrinkles, but injecting a neurotoxin to paralyze the muscles to remove the wrinkles in the short term is not the best or first option for many of us.  Another option often turned to is dermal fillers, which is repeated injections of collagen and other products under the skin, but these also have a very limited life span and need to be repeated often to keep their effect. Both Botox and Dermals are often turned too, but where is the sustainability when your treatments are starting to fade? Consistency makes the all the difference. Sticking with natural options that offer natural healing of the skin would be a far better and more sustainable choice. 

Polysaccharides like those naturally found in the Agave plant promote natural hydration of the skin and will work wonders around the eye, leading to reduction of crow's feet and other aging factors in this area. When taking a holistic approach to laughter line reduction as well as the other signs of aging around the delicate eye area, we need to look at something that is simple, yet effective, is easy to apply and contains all natural ingredients including the polysaccharide rich Agave.  The Agave spa Eye Contour contains active ingredients from Agave leaf extracts, argilerine and hyaluronic acid as well as water and natural aloe leaf juice and includes extracts from grape and ivy leaves.  The natural leaf extracts improve the polysaccharides naturally occurring in your skin, to help plump up your skin around the eyes, hydrate and moisturize effectively.  Not only is the eye contour easy to apply, it is also easily absorbed by the skin without leaving a visible coat. The small 20ml wand fits easily in your handbag, so you can take it with you wherever you go.  If you travel a lot, this natural eye care contour wand can slot into your carry on luggage so you never miss an application and don't end up looking jet lagged unless you actually are. Apply the product in the morning and evening every day to gradually improve your fine lines and wrinkles as well as the dark circles and puffiness under the eyes.  Luckily, this eye emulsion won't mess up or crack your concealer while you are on the go. The natural products found in the Agave spa Eye Contour elixir promote moisturizing and healing of the dermis to improve your skin in a more natural way.

Before turning to expensive surgery and face lifts, try Agave spa's Eye Contour, just a drop or two on your finger. Having it applied consistently will surely bring back a more youthful look to your face. Reduced wrinkles, crow's feet and a few years off your face is guaranteed to have you smiling again in no time without a self-conscious worry.  Now, lets not forget about the powers of makeup.... but we will leave that for next time. 


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