Glowing Skin for the Busy Woman



If you have too much on your plate, thinking about your beauty regimen might be the last thing on your mind. With work, the kids and making sure dinner is on the table, by the end of the night who in the world can find the time for themselves, let alone a beauty routine? You are not alone. Our busy schedules can take a toll on pretty much everything that doesn’t seem like a priority. But don’t forget that YOU are a priority. Me-time is important for a peace of mind, a lack of this, will be shown in your physical appearance, especially in your face. Because I am still young, I admit that before I became more knowledgeable about the health of my skin, I used to slab on any moisturizer I could find and call it a day. We tend to think that we can take advantage of our bodies throughout our youthful years because we don’t need to see the results till later on in life. Boy was I wrong. This is not the way to treat your skin, it will be with you for the rest of your life. At one point, we all need to start thinking about adding natural products into our skincare regimen. No matter how young you may be, it never hurts to start early. I can assure you the time you spend preventing these skin insecurities are definitely worth it in the long run.

If you are in your elder years, I can understand how much harder it is to maintenance yourself from observing my mom's everyday routines. Between taking your medications, exercising, and really needing to be cautious of your food intake, it can be difficult to keep up with an extensive skincare routine that isn’t just washing your face and brushing your teeth. That's why I want to introduce to you a natural and uncomplicated regimen that keeps skin care simple and to the point.  We don’t want to look like the exhausted, busy girl who can’t juggle all her problems. Instead, we want to look like the ravishing business woman that can take on the world and have others question “how does she do it?” So, HOW can we possibly look radiant with our tight schedules? Well, since our time is precious during our busy days, these quick and easy skin care steps will let you kiss the look of exhaustion goodbye and welcome a new glowing woman at any age…

First Step - Cleanse Your Skin

Use a gentle cleanser with a refreshing lather to remove traces of dirt, impurities and makeup that might be clogged in your pores. This will leave the face squeaky clean and prepared to take on the rest of your skincare regimen.  Find a cleanser that doesn’t cause dry skin, this can eventually lead to peeling and irritation.

Second Step - Tone

A tonic mist helps prep the skin for proper absorption from your other products to achieve the best results.  Aside from soaking up your skincare ingredients, toners will also quickly refresh and boost hydration in your skin at any time of day, while balancing your skin's pH levels to reduce redness and helping minimize pores. According to Dr. Nussbaum  “Because toners are formulated to remove sebum, oil and dirt from the pores, they help clear pores to minimize breakouts and blackheads.”

Third Step - Serum

Find a serum to target your skin concern, whether it’s for brightening or anti-aging, applying a serum will boost the active ingredients in your products for better and quicker results. If you’re not sure what a serum is, you can read more about them here.

TIP: Go on a hunt for a proper serum with powerful ingredients such as hyaluronic acid which keeps your skin hydrated and increases collagen production that reduces fine lines. I like to use

the Agave Spa serums, in fact, all their products are made with the Agave plant which is naturally rich in polysaccharides and these sugar-like molecules are responsible for the skin’s natural ability to retain water in your skin in order to keep it moisturized and soft! One of the many reasons I choose this serum is because it doesn't leave sticky remains on your skin like many other serums I have tried. 

Fourth Step - Eye Contour

You can easily tell if someone’s drained by the dark circles under their eyes. Don’t let this be you, instead, invest in an eye contour to eliminate signs of exhaustion that your eyes might be giving away. Apply an eye contour in your quick regimen to lessen the puffiness and leave you with a fully revitalized look, also at any time of day. To apply, gently tap a penny size amount with two fingers to protect the delicate area. I like to keep this eye contour in my bag for quick pick-me ups during the day.

Fifth Step - Moisturize

Finally! The last step for your quick routine is to seal in all of your hard work with a rich moisturizer. Aside from obviously keeping your skin moisturized, applying a moisturizer is an important step because it locks in the ingredients from your products and creates a natural protection barrier for your skin from the pollutants in the environment.

TIP: If you are seriously in a hurry, or about to go to sleep with your partner, go ahead and ditch the moisturizer and finish your routine with a serum. One of the many great things about a serum is that they are fast absorbing, therefore it won’t leave that thick residue on your face the way a moisturizer would. Don’t forget you must re-apply after 8 hours for the serum to properly deliver its many great qualities!

Now that you’ve learned about this quick routine and the products it takes to complete it. I advise going on a search for products that are made with good quality ingredients. Don’t waste your time and money on skin care products whose company's profit goes straight to advertisements. Instead, look for companies that spend their money on the quality of their ingredients. Nature is the answer to cure all resources, therefore your future products should be made with the purest and naturalist ingredients as well as staying away from harsh chemicals. I recommend you checking out Their products are based off of the Agave Plant and like I mentioned before it is filled with polysaccharides, which is critical for skin repair and skin renewal! They have also carefully added a chosen mix of natural ingredients to complement their products. I personally fell in love with their products, you can smell the naturalness the second you apply it and the best part is that there are simple and easy to use even when you are on the rush. They leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and fresh. It is comfortable to know you are using something created by mother nature rather than at a chemical laboratory.

Our skin is the representation of our body. Giving our skin what it needs will show a tremendous outcome no matter how busy you are. We must treat it with the best care and give it worthy products. When we make an effort in finding the right product the results will be worthwhile.


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