5 Tips to Fight Winter Wrinkles

Winter is progressing and we’re not getting any younger, but that doesn’t necessarily mean our face has to suffer these winter damages. The question is why does our skin become wrinkly and dry during this time of the year, and how can we prevent this from happening? Well, because the cold wind doesn’t allow our skin to retain as much water like it does during the summer, our skin tends to lack moisture. This results in dry, flaky, cracked skin. If not treated correctly, it can eventually lead up to wrinkles and harsh expression lines and we don’t want those! So how can I prevent this from happening to my skin? Read on for some tips to fight those winter wrinkles!


  1. Use A Natural Serum- You can start by adding a Serum to your daily skin routine. Serums work great in retaining moisture you might’ve lost during your time outside. You should use a serum with powerful ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid which keeps your skin hydrated and increases collagen production that reduces signs of aging. You should also search for ingredients that will sooth the skin and repair the damage from the cold weather. The Agavespa skincare Serums deliver the highest concentration of the Agave plant. The healing Agave plant is naturally rich in polysaccharides and these sugar-like molecules are responsible for the skin’s natural ability to retain water in your skin to keep it moisturized and soft. Long story short, it’s everything you’re looking for in a bottle. 

  2. Moisturizer- Another great skincare product you need to get your hands on during the winter time is a moisturizer. Keep in mind, not all moisturizers will give your skin the right protection. You should seek a rich moisturizer that is ideal during cold climate and will also replenish your skin at all times. If you are dealing with winter wrinkles already, you can turn to AgaveSpa’s Agave and Pearl Anti-Aging Cream to use as a moisturizing rejuvenator as well as a night cream to restore your skin and prepare it for winter mornings.

    1.  Apply Sunscreen- A common misconception is that sunscreen should only be applied for the summer season. This is definitely not the case; sun protection is in fact highly needed during winter and through-out the year as a matter of fact. According to the DermStore, “Snow also reflects up to 80% of the sun’s rays, higher than sand (15%) and water (10%).” This means you need to find yourself a replenishing sunscreen to avoid these sun rays from giving you wrinkles during the winter!

       4. Drink Water- It’s important to hydrate your skin from the outside, but it’s also important to keep it hydrated from the inside as well. I’m sure you’ve noticed the way your skin appears when you feel dehydrated. The dryness and dullness caused by dehydration makes the skin more prone to getting wrinkles. Boosting your water intake will actually fight fine lines, and signs of aging from occurring in the skin due to dehydration. Drinking water is a major key when it comes to anti-aging and cell hydration during any time of the year. Overall, water keeps your body healthy and happy.

       5. Short Baths- I know it’s tempting to take a long hot bath after being exposed to such cold weather. Unfortunately, we must refrain the desire to do this. The combination of hot water and soaking can strip the skin of its necessary oils causing even more dryness. Keep your shower about ten minutes long with luke warm water. When done, be sure to apply a natural moisturizer to your face. Moisturizers work efficiently while the skin is still moist. This will keep your skin replenished and seal hydration.

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