The Importance of Me-Time 2


Make this 2017  a happy year. 

This could be the best time for us to look at the list of resolutions that we had, the ones we can scratch out and the ones we never achieved. Maybe it is the perfect time to rethink this list and to place right there at the top of the list our most important one 

"I will give myself some Me time”.

 Everyone deserves time to themselves and not only does it feel great, it is essential for the health of our minds and soul. You might have never realized how important it is to take a time to yourself, even if it’s just for  30 minutes during your hectic day until one day you do it, and you feel instantly rewarded for it.

Whatever you chose to do you can have more or less time but if your mindset is that your activity or your meditation is your gift to yourself all the other chores and life juggling elements will seem a lot lighter and happier.

 If you have little ones, or you life is super stressful, and you can not go to the gym or get a lovely massage in your spa  , you can definitely  learn how to breathe deeply,  to close your eyes  and  to zoom into your happy place, stay there for a little time knowing this is your oasis and the present you are giving to yourself.

GO ahead, stop the excuses of why you can’t  meditate, go to the gym, take a bubble bath, or read a book. Think about how rewarding it will feel to do something for you. Plus, doing so might actually give you more energy and refresh to be able to finish your daily obligations with a smile on your face.

Here are some me-time ideas you can try even if it’s just for a short time of your day.

Talk a walk- Go out for a walk even if it’s just around the block. This will help you gather your thoughts and release stress and tension. Sometimes all we need is a breath of fresh air.

Join a Gym- Join a gym that will inspire and motivate you to actually go! An hour at the gym can make a difference in your day.

Joga anybody ? -  The perfect body and mind activity that you can do anywhere .


Meditation- Mental health is just as important as any health, if not, it’s one of the most important. Meditation will bring your thoughts and mind at ease to disconnect and control your emotions from the things that drive you crazy. Meditation will help you make better decisions and really focus on the way you feel while getting in touch with your spiritual self. 

Wake Up Early- Wake up early even if it’s just half an hour before your alarm is usually set to. Doing this will buy you some me-time before your day begins. You can use this time to take a shower, read a book take time with your body/face cream pampering ritual.

Turn your Bathroom into a Mini-Spa- If going to a Spa is not on your budget at the moment and your time is limited, you can turn your own bathroom into a Mini-Spa! Treat yourself with a facial mask, and body scrub., you can turn to AgaveSpa Skincare and their variety of natural skincare products that were originally created for Spas but are now offered for retail so anyone can enjoy.

There is no need to burn yourself out, you can make positive changes in your life when you make yourself a priority. Achieving your me-time doesn't need to be done with drastic changes. In fact, you can start small by setting tiny goals like getting to work ten minutes earlier or keeping your daily planner updated. Completing these small goals will make you feel optimistic and proud. Keeping a positive mind-set will reflect your actions and help understand others around you. You will start to recognize the beauty and happiness all around you and think about those things the next time life takes a rough turn.


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