Remembering Your Resolutions

       All things considered, New Year's Eve has come and gone.  Did you make a resolution?  Many of us do and likewise, we are half way into the month of January and we have likely begun to make a departure from our old ways, keep the resolutions we came up with or rationalize why we haven't done them... yet.  You may be asking yourself why do you even make them.

Hopefully, we changed over the course of a year and with any development at all, we welcome the idea of continued maturation.  As a fresh approach, we choose goals in line with prospering during the year in one form or another, whether it be financially, emotionally or spiritually or all three. 

 However, we soon discover how easy it is to quit before we truly begin.  We lose energy, inspiration and time even.  I bet only half of us keep our resolutions to shed pounds and inches or to have a hot body fit for appropriate summer attire... the revealing two-piece bathing suit.  We promise to quit smoking, save a few dollars for a phenomenal get-away, but somehow, it just doesn't plan out the way we wanted it to.    


Why Do We Fail?

Resolutions often fall flat and we may set the goals too high or there are too many resolutions to remain focused.  The most ideal approach to maintain clarity or direction is to take baby steps.  Listen, if keeping up with your resolutions are part of your resolution, I need to share with you these easy-to-follow tips.  I know... I've been there.  This is what worked for me; maybe they will work for you.  


Keep Them Simple.  Don't attempt to pile everything on your plate at once.  One step at a time.  We frequently set ourselves up for failure trying to be Superman or Superwoman.  We're only human and can only do so much.  Start small and work your way up.  This will build confidence so that you will continue on your journey.  Most resolutions are lifestyle changes and those do not come overnight.   


Write Them Down.  If I want to admit it or not, recording things keep my life in order.  It's important that we lay eyes on our goals every day.  Use that calendar that you get from the insurance agent or the calendar on your PC... the editorial calendar, or whatever and mark down your goals, wishes, and dreams and place beside them a date that they should come to fruition.  Put a deadline on your wishes and cross those ideas out as you make them happen. 


Hang Relevant Photos.  Pictures that encourage you to keep your resolutions are the best ones to keep on the mirrors, bedside table, and on the fridge.  Create before and after pictures or pictures that you want it to look like. 


Mediation. Start a mediation process and envision your life as you wish it to.  Yes, using your resolution goals, create the perfect vision.  Get the proper rest, eat right, maintain a strategic distance from unsafe medications and illicit drugs, and do not mishandle liquor.  These things help you to hone into a clear mind and a cheerful personality.  Concentrating on the master plan is less demanding when you remain calm and on the right track to meet your resolutions. 


Talk About It.  Sometimes the best way to remember stuff is to talk about it.  Talking about it will actually motivate you to do something about the situation.  Habits are easy to form.  When you practice what you talk about long enough, it will become a habit.  


Forgive Yourself.  Don't make yourself feel bad when you miss a day.  Just make it up.  We all make mistakes... it's okay.  As a reward for all of your hard work, I would even suggest allowing a cheat day, every now and again, to enter your routine.  Think of it like going on a field trip when you were a kid.  It was nice getting out and about, but equally as pleasant to get back to the normal routine. 



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