Make Up For Your Makeup Mistakes


When it comes to applying our daily makeup, we sometimes fail to acknowledge if our glam routine is doing harm to our skin.  We all make an effort when it comes to beauty, but when it comes to your skin care, do you know what you’re doing right and wrong? If you keep waking up to unwanted blemishes, we have the answers on what to do and what not to do in order to avoid this from happening over and over again.


What to Do

Prep the Skin

Before putting anything on your skin, you should always prep first! If you are unsure on how to approach this but want to do it as naturally as possible.  You can reach out to AgaveSpa’s Cleansing Gel, the Facial Cleansing Gel. These products will remove pollutants and impurities.


Use a Natural Makeup Remover

Take off your makeup using a natural makeup remover. The AgaveSpa's remarkable Makeup Remover is a dual base, non-greasy formula that removes even cantankerous makeup including water-proof mascara. It leaves your face feeling sensational while feeding your skin the nutrients it needs.  AgaveSpa Makeup Remover contains Hamamelis virginiana flower extract and Agave tequilana leaf extract.  It's rich in antioxidants and demulcent properties, which allows you to get rid of the oil and dirt effectively, but gently. Say bye-bye to breakouts!



Exfoliating the skin is very beneficial when it comes to skin renewal. .A weekly and dedicated exfoliation will result in healthy skin and an overall improvement minimizing future break-outs that can be caused by our makeup mistakes.  If you forget to remove your makeup before bed, you can simply exfoliate using a natural scrub in the morning to remove dead-cells. This will leave the skin feeling new and fresh. It will also take away some of the guilt you might have had for falling asleep with makeup on! 



Use a primer

Using a primer extends the daily wear of your foundation.  It soothes while it's fighting dryness, fine lines, excessive oil and enlarged pores.  Your foundation should go on smoother, giving you a look that last for hours longer.


Store Makeup Properly

Do store your makeup in a cool, dry place and not in the bathroom.  Storing it in the bathroom only lessens its effectiveness and can cause bacteria due to the moisture.  Also, keep it away from heat and sunlight.  All of these elements can do serious damage to your radiant skin and ruin your cosmetics.  If your vanity is not separate from your bath, keep it in your bedroom on your dresser or makeup table.  Storing makeup in a nice case will provide a dark and organized space for your line of toiletries.  


What Not to Do

  • As tempting as it is, do not sleep in your makeup. Sleeping in your makeup can cause exposer to free radicals and free radicals break down collagen.  Makeup is like a magnet and it will hold on to toxins, cause clogged pores, acne, damaged skin and without collagen, the results could be fine line and no one wants those! 
  • Avoid using makeup with a lot of potentially dangerous chemicals and ingredients, especially if you wear makeup every day. Natural ingredients in makeup are likely better for you to use rather than run the risk of allergic reactions and health problems.
  • Always clean cosmetic brushes and do not share them. It's possible to transfer bacteria if they are shared.  While applying makeup, the brush is spreading germs all over the face that was just cleaned.  Attempt to clean cosmetic brushes weekly if not after each use.  
  • Refuse to use makeup that is expired! Look for and read the dates on your products.  Using makeup that is out of date can cause skin irritation and infection.  Lipstick is one of the products to watch out for due to it being present in your mouth.  As much as throwing them out might hurt, we must trash them after a year.  If there is an unusual odor or flakiness, toss them in the can.  Liquid and cream foundations that have started to change color or appears to be crumbly after a year should not be used!















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