Summer Glow Through Winter

During mid-year, if you stroll along any shoreline or beach, you will discover a plethora of men and women getting their tan on.  But now, summer's gone and the beaches are empty.   Winter is around the bend and with family and old friends coming home for the holidays, everyone wants to look their best.  The magnificent tan you got over the summer made you look hot and you want to keep that look, yet you don't know how.  There are many things that fade away with the seasons; your summer glow does not have to be one of them.  

Let me show you how to maintain that bronze color throughout the fall and winter months.  You need not worry... the steps are quite simple and they don't require you to have much money, either.  The procedure will work on any type of tan (spray tan, natural sun tan, tanning lotion or from a tanning bed), so let's get started!



If it's your face you're worried about, use a little bronzer and add blush.  Use the bronzer on your nose, forehead and cheekbones to put the spotlight on those areas which are naturally confronted by the sun.  While many regions still have sunny days, we recommend that you use Agave Sun Balm after tanning.  The Sun Balm is rich with supplements and infused with the Agave leaf extract. The placement of the soothing leaf concentrate guarantees that moisture is returned to the skin, leaving it feeling wonderfully smooth and soft. Because of it's replenishing properties, it will give your tan a long-lasting glow. 



Maintaining your glow is as easy as retaining moisture in the skin. Don't be shy with the moisturizer.  We have just the one for you, too.  Be sure to try Agave's Body Lotion or Body Massage Oil.  It feels remarkable going on and you'll adore how it brings out the skin's natural glow.  Use it all throughout the day, but no less than twice a day, particularly after a shower or a bath to keep the skin hydrated. 

Before you get a tan, remember to moisturize after your tan as well. This will help the tan last longer and go on evenly.  If you choose to get a spray tan or a tanning lotion, you should wait until after you shower before applying the moisturizer, however, abstain from using the Body Massage Oil.


Exfoliate (Before)

When it comes to exfoliating, you should attempt this 8 hours before your tan of choice.  This guarantees that the glow will stay on longer and evenly. An exfoliating tool that is in many cases neglected is a dry scrub.  A dry scrub removes dead skin cells, reduces cellulite and invigorates blood flow.  Use brisk, round movements or long strokes working your way from the feet up to the heart.  After the dry scrub, use Agave's Body Scrub!  The Body Scrub contains sesame seed oil and as you know, oil will leave streaks, stains and discoloration of an unnatural tan so, stay away from products with oil in them if you are using a spray tan.  



A healthy body and subsequently, healthy skin starts with what you put in the body.  Water is the best thing for both the surface and the inner workings.  Some cultures believe that water is the key to younger, more lustrous looking skin.  If you drink plenty of water (8 glasses per day), you can offer the body some assistance and dispose of toxins that influence the skin's appearance.    


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