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Winter is the best time to start planning on your warm summer vacation. If Mexico is on your bucket list this year and you happen to adore our skincare products, then it is your lucky day. Our products are located in the most exquisite resorts and spas throughout the beautiful country of Mexico so you can take a day and relax with AgaveSpa at the spa.
Explore the true wonders of our professional spa products categorized by our “rituals.” The AgaveSpa rituals are treatments that focus on a targeted area that can be chosen by what you feel you need the most care in.

AgaveSpa Featured Rituals

The Anti-Oxidant Body treatment recovers the firmness in areas that are most affected by sagging and invigorates the skin while reducing stretch marks. The antioxidant line’s active ingredients moisturize, nurture and activate the natural skin rejuvenating process. Features the Agave Body Scrub, and Agave Body Lotion.






Our Anti-Aging treatment unblocks energy points on the face with an invigorating massage while releasing the restrained energy. The answer to rejuvenation and complete renewal lies in the Huaneeri ritual. Features the Agave & Pearl Anti Age-Serum and the Agave & Pearl Anti-Age Cream.







Our Brightening ritual focuses on repairing the symptoms of tired, dry, and sensitive skin that are provoked by stress, fatigue and pollution. Our natural ingredients activate smoothness and brings back the illumination to your skin to restore its perfect balance. Features the Agave Brightening Serum and the Agave Brightening Cream.



Our After-Sun treatment uses the sacred powers of the Agave for protecting, restoring, and soothing the skin from external aggressions such as, solar UVA and UVB, rays, pollution, toxic agents, and other free radicals. It is a perfect treatment to turn to after a long day of vacationing. Features the Agave After-Sun Mist and the Agave After-Sun Balm.




The purpose of the Tzolkin massage is to unblock energetic points and release the ordered flow of energy. Our massage may help the body become relaxed, which can result in improving sleep, releasing endorphins and improving moods. The Tzolkin massage is a unique experience that will renew your senses. Features the Agave Body Scrub and the Agave Special Reserve Massage Oil.





The anti-aging facial and eye contour treatment is intended to restore the balance between the mind and body. This treatment activates a Botox and lifting effect with the Argilerine and hyaluronic acid. The anti-aging facial treatment softens and diminishes the visible signs of aging by smoothing and brightening the face for glowing skin. Features the Agave & Pearl Anti-Age cream and the Eye Contour.


 Featured Hotels that use our Rituals






Hard Rock Cancun
A gorgeous resort located in the heart of Cancun. Enjoy our rituals in a place where you can rock and roll.



Hard Rock Rivera Maya

An all-inclusive resort located in Puerto Aventuras. The Hard rock is a well-known hotel and a perfect place to sit back and relax with Agavespa.


Hyatt Ziva Puerto Vallarta
Facing in front of Los Cabos beach, this beautiful resort with a fascinating view lays where Agavespa was discovered.

Fiesta Americana Puerto Vallarta

A captivating, all-inclusive resort where the ocean is clear and the sand is white. Enjoy our exotic rituals in an exotic atmosphere.



You can check out the rest of hotels and spa’s that use our rituals here

Make Your Own Ritual

If you can’t make it to Mexico this year, you can practice our rituals in the comfort of your own home. If you're planning on traveling to another location, you can give the hotel or spa a call and request our products so that you can try our rituals at the Spa of your choice. 

Our rituals are based off of our products so that after you leave your exhilarating massage, you can continue your relaxation after shopping in our retail store at

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