Eliminating Sunspots - Healthy Alternative

Dealing with sunspots is no walk on the beach, so why do we keep getting it from walking on the beach? Extreme sun exposures are obviously going to equal sunspots. Sunspots appear mostly on the areas exposed such as the face (nose, forehead, upper lip, ears, and cheeks), neck, hands and back. Let’s face the reality, we all enjoy spending time in the sun and keeping away from the sun is not the answer to getting rid of these bad boys. I’m going to tell you about some healthy alternatives you can use so that relaxing at the beach is stress-free, and most importantly, sunspot-free.

Of course some people will turn to laser removal methods towards trying to eliminate the spots fast and getting their clear, healthy and blemish-free skin back. Hmm… Well that’s not necessarily the best answer. Laser removal comes with potential risk to the skin that could end up causing far-reaching consequences, including keeping away from the sun for an approximate amount of time because it will make the sunspots darker then they were before, because the skin is left unprotected. There are a lot of alternatives we can turn to for removing sunspots and eliminating the scare of sunbathing.

Home-based treatment

One of the things you can do to remove sunspots at a small scale is using lemon juice, which contains some mild acid discovered to lighten dark skin spots. Do this by rubbing a slice of lemon or its juice on the areas affected a number of times during the day. However, do not forget lemon juice might help in sunspots removal but leaves the skin even more sensitive to UV rays. Meaning you should never leave the house to the beach with lemon juice smeared on the skin. Those with drier skins will also find lemon juice leaves them feeling very dry, while those with sensitive skins will find lemon juice most irritating.

Healthy alternatives to laser-removal and sensitive home based treatments

​Prevention is the best medicine; I recommend to first exfoliate the skin using the AgaveSpa’s Facial Scrub to get rid of dead cells, I then turn to the Agavespa Brightening Serum as it reduces the coloring of spots and generates the skin to it’s natural health. Before you leave the house it's important to apply a hydrating sun block cream that has been fortified using an effective natural product such as extracts of the Mexican Agave leaf, which not only protects but also nourishes the skin cells. Replenishing your skin is important not only to avoid the scourge of the sun but also to fight in anti-aging. Using a sun lotion fortified with nutrients such as the Agave leaf extracts boost the moisture levels in the skin, leaving it refreshed, soft and soothed. You can also check out the Agave After Sun Balm if you happened to of gotten carried away at the beach. It’s replenishing properties give you a beautiful glow after a long time in the sun.

 After I spend a long time at the beach, I use AgaveSpa’s magical Brightening cream, it is a great moisturizer and restores natural brightness to my skin. AgaveSpa’s products give me a beautiful, long-lasting tan while combating sunspots in a much healthier way!


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