Exfoliating Weekly - Is This Beneficial?

With the limited time we set for our pampering period in our busy schedules, a simple and quick technique can make your skin look better, just by getting it done once a week! Exfoliating concentrates on taking away dead or dry skin cells on the skin's surface and a major personal skincare routine needed for the whole body, and in particularly the face.  If you want to know whether you need to exfoliate, do a quick easy test by applying some clear tape on your forehead, rubbing it gently before removing it. In case you find some small flaky skin bits on the clear tape, you have surface dry skin cells that need to be exfoliated. Weekly exfoliation ensures skin renewal and helps resolve skin problems, including working towards a glowing and healthy skin.

Enhanced texture

A major benefit of creating a weekly exfoliation plan is that the skin ends up with an enhanced texture. Those with dry and rough skin will have their skins revived, leaving behind the smoothest of skin surfaces. A weekly and dedicated exfoliation will result in healthy skin and an overall improvement minimizing future break-outs.

Improving blemished skin

Those with acne, blackheads or just blemished skin are advised to exfoliate at least once a week. Dealing with a break-out on the face and handling it with the wrong products might kill bacteria but it is also capable of irritating the skin and causing excessive dryness. Removing dead skin cells is important, as well as hydrating and keeping the skin as clean as possible. A natural facial scrub and a good natural moisturizing product can really help with exfoliating blemished skin, such as Agave Facial Scrub, a gentle exfoliation powder made from the leaves of the agave. A very mild scrub is released, in the process exfoliating dead cells slowly and massaging the skin for a brighter, clearly refined smooth skin.

Deals with dark marks and post red breakouts

Actual blemishes are not really the problem at this point but the dark or red marks left on the skin after the healing of the breakout. Fading the marks is easily done by coming up with a weekly exfoliation mild plan. At the end you can be sure you end up with a skin that's toned and that it has evenly absorb your preparation or moisturizing a lot better with little or non scarring left.

Deals with hyper-pigmentation

Usually this refers to brown spots appearing on the skin as a result of genetics, hormonal problems, pregnancy or age. The spots are often highlighted and darken with the aging of the skin. Weekly exfoliation helps to break them up and fade the pigmented cells. A brightening natural cream will also help here.

Preparing for sun tanning in your vacation

If you are planning to go on a holiday in the tropics or an exotic sunny destination and return with a tan, weekly exfoliation with a body scrub before you leave will really help. As the dead and dry skin cells are removed, the new skin cells will be directly hit by the sun ensuring you return with a great looking and long-lasting tan. As you tan, consider having your skin protected at all times with a good moisturizing sunblock and keep it moisturized, hydrated for the best and healthiest result. We like the AgaveSpa  After sun Balm because it heals and replenishes, in case you were a bit too happy in the beach.

 Weekly exfoliation is very important for anyone who wants a smoother skin fast, and easy. With the right product, the result from exfoliating is the smoothest of appearances. 


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