Beauty Tips: 60 Plus and Me!

“60 is the new forty!” Well, that’s what they say but it most certainly does not feel that way in the rare occasions where I catch myself,  hearing me say aloud…. My real age.

Where is it written in the “Age book” that after 60 you are literally coming out of age and all bets are off?  Maybe it has something to do with retirement age? I don’t know about you, but I am happy to pay the full ticket price at any museum or theater just to avoid showing “the card“ that ties me to the last age frontier.

So yes, we all want to look younger, no matter the age and after 60, this has become more evident. But are we the ones to blame? Certainly if we look at magazines and the media, the messages it gives seem to be saying that beauty, happiness and all the good things in life can only happen to the young faces and unrealistic bodies portrayed in the magazines.

Growing old gracefully? Nah, I don’t think so. I do think that I would like to put up a good fight instead.  After all, I am a baby boomer and we have been the pioneers for a lot of things before.

Here are some title beauty tips for us beautiful women 60 & plus.

Don’t make efforts to look younger, feel younger.

There is nothing better than a great attitude and a bright smile. Feel young and feel happy to be alive, the only way to avoid aging is ( well you know, not good... ) Smile, think about the good experiences,  enjoy your freedom and security ( you have earned it! ) A joyful attitude, will make you look less tense, happier, sexier and most definitely you will look younger.

Here are some things we can do to improve.

Feed you skin and retain the moisture inside.

As we age, our skin loses the ability to hydrate and retain water, this happens because we slowly damage the skins protective barrier resulting in our skin to start naturally losing water. Plus,  there is also a reduction of  !SHAZAM!  “Polysaccharides.” We need to replenish those Polysaccharides to better retain the moisture in our skin. A better naturally moisturized skin will look and feel more flexible and your wrinkles will look less pronounce and less visible. This, plus a great attitude will definitely make us look and feel younger.

Stay away from the Sun & Drink water.

Have you seen the “California girl” look at 60? Umm... Not so pretty.  Stay away from the sun, especially from 12pm to 4 pm, use a good sunscreen often and with several applications. Don’t think that using a 50 SPF will protect you more unless you reapply and we all know it is easy to forget. Use hats and sunscreen whenever you step out. It’s never too late to start caring about your skin. So use sunscreen!

Clean your face before going to bed.

Clean your face and neck before you go to bed. Every night it is now more important than ever. Use a good quality cleansing face gel that does not pull away the natural oils from your skin. Use a tonic lotion to balance your skins pH before you use your moisturizing cream. Make sure you keep in mind to exfoliate once a week and drink lots of water to keep your skin moisturized along with wiping out toxins from your body.

Quit Smoking.

Quit smoking now, if you are a smoker.  Let’s face it, it might have looked sophisticated when we were 20 but it looks really bad as we age. Not to mention that people who smoke have more wrinkles than people who don’t smoke of the same age group. Smoke is dehydrating. Simply look at the smoked meat in the super market.  

Don’t be habitual of a hot bath.

A warm bath is a good way to get unwind. However, spending too much time in a hot bath can make your skin become dryer. If you love a long relaxing bath, you can use some bath oils and don’t forget to moisturize your skin when you get out of the bath.

Use a Natural skin care product.

Choose skin care products wisely according to the needs of your skin. I personally have tried lots of them and prefer the natural approach, at this point in life, I don’t believe that all of these skincare ads will make me look 20 years old after 3 applications. Feeding the skin what it needs and replenishing what we have lost and/or maintain what is left is a product of love that takes time and consistency.  You can use some home remedies for moisturizing the skin in a natural manner.               

You are what you eat.

You heard it before right? It is true and this is something that you can change. I was lucky,  my family  raised me with plenty servings of fruits, veggies and nuts. When it came to protein, mainly fish and chicken and very little meat. Dessert was always light, things like fruit and maybe yogurt. I was never one to miss sugar like other people do. I guess that is why my mother, who never used blush or foundation in her life, had natural rosie cheeks at 94. This is truly what having a glow at every age looks like! She was healthy inside and out and it showed!

Instead of struggling for an impossible look, anyone 60+ of age can have a great younger looking skin, a nice, toned flexible body and having a great happy bubbly life!  Cheers to the next 60!

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