Agave Spa for Dads

Father’s day is around the corner and we all want to get the special dads in our life something that’ll be useful for their everyday routine. Our fathers may be great at taking care of us but they pay little attention to themselves, especially their skin.

Unfortunately, most men don’t even apply sunscreen despite being exposed to the sun for prolonged periods. This is a major skincare crime that can contribute to premature aging and even cancer. They later come home to us with a smile brighter than the sun, but skin drier than the Sahara Desert! This Father’s Day, let’s spoil our loved ones with the gift of great skin. Keep reading for our top dad-friendly skincare picks:


  1. Body Lotion

The dads we know don’t even apply moisturizer to their faces; their bodies are a completely different story! However, it’s important that you treat your face and body skin equally but with different products designed for them. Your skin is the body’s largest organ; not hydrating it with a good lotion can make it dry and under-nourished.

Our Agave Body Lotion quickly soothes and moisturizes the skin the minute you apply it and doesn’t leave it feeling oily and heavy – something many men are afraid of! It has a smooth velvety feel and consists of a holistic blend of coconut butter, Agave extract and soy protein. To top it all off, the scent is heavenly and can relax any hardworking dad before bedtime.


  1. Mystic Mist

It’s nice smelling the clean and fresh aroma of our Dad lingering on us after we greet him. The Agave mystic mist would be a perfect and beneficial gift for Dad. Refreshing and calming, this mist will complement the skin as it is made with the powerful Agave and can be used especially as an after-shave for your favorite man.


  1. Sun-Balm

After spending a long day out in the sun, it’s important for your skin to regain its hydration. If proper care isn’t given to our skin it can end up cracked and damaged. You’re probably thinking, what dad is really going to think about moisturizing after being out in the sun? Not many, but thankfully they have loved ones who care for these things for them! I’m confident that our Agave After-Sun Balm will have him thinking twice. Aside from soothing his skin, he’ll be smelling fresh and cool.  


  1. After-Sun Mist

Maybe your father doesn’t enjoy the feeling of slathering a thick layer on his skin, or maybe he’s just lazy…  Luckily for him, our Agave After-Sun Mist can save his day. This after-sun mist is easy to apply so Dad has nothing to complain about. Containing the agave leaf extract, the sun mist calms the skin naturally and will also soothe it after sun exposure. It’s the perfect quick fix after that long sunny day!


  1. Facial Scrub

Finally, we want to remove all that icky dead skin that has been piling over his skin for possibly decades! We haven’t heard of many dads who exfoliate, which is why we were excited about adding this to the list. A great exfoliant can feel like magic after a man uses it – we’ve seen men touching their faces repeatedly after trying it. Even if his skin is too sensitive, our Agave facial scrub can do the trick because it’s gentle and consists of agave leaf-based exfoliating powder, instead of traditional and harmful abrasives. The product is natural and gently sloughs off dead skin cells, massaging the skin and leaving it smoother and more glowing.


If your father or loved one isn’t one to be aware of his skin concerns, then it is up to us to care of it for him. Not only will we be giving our dads the gift of great skin, we can also take advantage and use his natural new products on ourselves as well. 

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