Make Mornings Better with AgaveSpa

If you aren’t a morning person and your alarm clock rings at 6 am, then it's quite evident that the first thing you would do is press the snooze button and convince yourself that in just five more minutes, you'll be able to get up. Next thing you know, it's been thirty minutes, you're still in bed and late for work. Sore eyes, baggy dark circles, coupled with dull, pale skin that can not only ruin your entire look, but can also affect your personality, which can further lead to a lack of motivation at your workplace. There is a solution waiting for you that can make your appearance vivid and bright. 

To deal with the issue of eyes and the gloomy dark circles, we have introduced Agave Eye Contour, which is a non-greasy, fast penetrating, highly powerful eye emulsion. This eye contour is designed in a pen shape, which depicts its simplicity, and ensures that the delicate part under the eyes is handled carefully, with just the right amount applied. The active ingredients extracted from Agave leaf, argireline and hyaluronic acid make sure that all the expression lines under the eyes are well-hidden to leave you with a fresh morning look that will last through-out the day. For a bigger boost, leave your eye contour in the fridge over night so when applied, it leaves a cooling sensation in the under-eye area.  

You take a look in the mirror after your first sip of coffee and can't help but notice that your skin is looking just as tired as you are. No need for that when our Agave Brightening Facial Cream does wonders to the face in the morning! With a soft velvety texture, it's high concentration of polysaccharides not only moisturizes your skin but also replenishes the natural glow of your face. You wouldn’t need to apply any more creams after this as your complexion would be brightened, and all your other skin irregularities such as dark spots and dull patches will over-time become less visible. Applied daily on a cleansed face and coupled with the Agave Spa Serum, you will fall in love with this product and most importantly the results. It will be a real "top of the morning to ya" after you incorporate the AgaveSpa Facial Line in to your beauty regimen. 



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