What's Causing Our Wrinkles?

One of the hardest things to admit as a woman is that the natural process of Aging is bound to happen throughout our life. But just because we can’t control what our bodies are meant to naturally do over-time, doesn’t mean we can’t take steps to slow down the process to make it as graceful as possible. We are even more prone to getting wrinkles when we don’t treat our skin with proper care. Using things like harsh soaps that involve alcohol and sun exposure can damage the skin’s protective barrier and lead us to a reduction in our skin’s own polysaccharides. I know what you’re thinking, polysaccharides again? Well polysaccharides are what keeps our skin nice and hydrated, therefore you need as many as you can if you want to avoid the appearance of wrinkles. Yes we are going to age, and although botox sounds like a great alternative, your wallet is going to cry every 6 months. Trying to eliminate the following habits can make an impact in delaying that future wrinkle we have been getting nightmares about.  

  • Facial Expressions

It’s obvious that avoiding facial expressions like smiling, frowning etc. is probably one of the hardest things to catch yourself doing, but every time you walk outside without sunglasses or have to force your vision, you end up squinting. The more you avoid squeezing your eyes, the less likely you will get wrinkles on your forehead along with crow’s feet around the eye area. We must raise consciousness on the facial expressions we do from being too happy with big smiles, nervousness or even from simple genetics. The fine lines caused by our expressions aren’t going to appear from one day to the next. The visibility will slowly become more and more noticeable as the days pass and the squinting persists. Search for an Anti-Aging night time moisturizer to minimize the appearance of those unwanted lines. You’ll never see me catching Z’s without wearing the Agavespa Anti-aging cream, as it leaves my skin feeling tight as ever and as smooth as a baby’s bottom. AgaveSpa’s Anti-aging products are infused with hyaluronic acid, argireline and retinol. These ingredients combined with the powerful Agave, together work as a natural botox alternative


  • Constant Sun Exposure:

UV radiation will break down the collagen and elastin fibers on your skin as well as damage cell DNA, if you become over exposed to the sun or radiation. According to Mario Badescu, “The radiation will use up the skin's antioxidant which is necessary for collagen production and skin repair.” Wrinkles will begin to appear on the parts which have had the most exposure, this includes the back of the hand, face, neck and forehead. It is important to keep your skin protected using sunscreen if you will be going out, even if it is a dark rainy day, your skin can still get damaged. Make sure to also wear a light moisturizer during the day to avoid your skin from becoming dry and damaged. I use this one from AgaveSpa Skincare. Their main ingredient used in all products is the Agave plant who is rich in polysaccharides and retains water in your skin to keep it hydrated.  

  • Smoking

Not only is smoking a dangerous habit that can seriously affect your lungs and health, but it also destroys elastin fibers, collagen and slows new collagen production which in turn results with unwanted wrinkles. Smoking also causes narrowing of blood vessels that slows down the delivery of oxygen and nutrients throughout the body.


  • Sugar

If we can control our intake of processed foods and sugar we can slow down the aging process that begins to occur after the age of 35, YES 35!! “Sugar in the blood stream forms harmful molecules by a process called glycation.” as researched by Mario Badescu. This damages the firmness and elasticity of our skin, creating more wrinkles and a saggy appearance.


  • Dehydration

The dryness and dullness caused by dehydration makes the skin more prone to getting wrinkles. Boosting your water intake will actually fight fine lines, and signs of aging from occurring in the skin due to dehydration. Our skin reflects on what is going on inside of our bodies “Drinking enough water hydrates and plumps up skin cells, making your face appear younger and your wrinkles less visible.” A win win from the inside and out. The solution seems simple, just drink more water! The truth is that for most of us it becomes difficult and annoying to constantly be grabbing a drink of water. There are helpful tips out there to get you into the habit of drinking water.

Tips for a woman - Ladies, you should be drinking about 64 ounces of water a day. This about 8 cups of water a day!! It may seem impossible for those of us that are not used to drinking water but it is doable. The more water you start drinking now the easier you will find it to be to continue drinking.

Tips for a man - Gentlemen, you should be drinking about 13 cups of water a day! Sorry guys, you have bigger bodies to fill!


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