Yoga Poses to Promote Healthy Skin

Yoga, as you know, offers excellent wellness benefits when it comes to the mind, body and soul. What I bet you didn’t know, is that aside from keeping your body fit and your mind at ease, yoga has cell renewing properties when it comes to the appearance of your skin. Yup! If you think about it, it makes sense as yoga can encourage regulatory blood circulation in the body with its wholesome movements. The result, flushes out toxins and feeds your skin cells nutrients it could be lacking due to a stressful mind. It's no wonder all these yoga instructors are glowing from a mile away, the answer lies in their everyday routines. Yoga can be quite challenging if you aren't as fit and flexible as you might’ve once been. There are easy yoga asanas (poses) you can add into your daily routine without having to be a circus acrobat that will promote glowing skin. Keep in mind to warm up your muscles before practicing yoga. You’ll feel out of shape with a pulled muscle!


Tadasana (mountain pose)

A simple beginners standing pose to get a rhythmic breathing routine going. Focusing on inhaling and exhaling regulates oxygen levels and helps the body release harmful toxins when you exhale. Keep shoulders aligned with your hips and keep arms on the side of your torso.


Uttanasana (forward bend)

Bend at the waist and hang with your head down to allow blood to rush to your face. This pose allows the blood to reverse the direction it usually flows in which can result in an increase in oxygen to the skin’s cells, along with an increase in antioxidants to fight free radicals.


Utkatasana (chair pose)

Imagine yourself sitting on an imaginary chair when approaching this pose. Now it may seem more challenging than the previous poses, but the Utkatasana is great for increasing blood circulation as it gets your heart pumping to work up a sweat. If you find yourself having difficulty when transitioning into the chair pose, use a wall to support your balance.


Bharadvaja’s Twist (Seated twist)


Sit comfortably on the floor, preferably on a yoga mat to properly approach the seated twist. With legs extended, shift your weight to one side and then swing your legs to the other side. Cross your leg to the opposite side of which you are facing. Lift and extend the torso during the in-breath and look over your shoulder during the out-breath. According to blissful energy,  “Twisting yoga poses massage inner muscles and organs, essentially wringing out toxins while bringing in a rush of fresh oxygen and nutrients. Yoga twists flush impurities from inner tissues and help organs perform their functions properly.”

Other tips to promote healthy skin

You can boost your beautiful skin to range longer by keeping a healthy lifestyle overall. After Yoga, make sure to hydrate your body by drinking water to rest your muscles. Drinking the recommended 8 cups of water per day will plump up skin cells and make your face appear younger. Now that your blood is flowing, it’s time to feed your skin with polysaccharides to activate skin renewal. When it comes to skincare, stick with non harming skin care products made with natural ingredients. Agave spa’s skincare line is based on the powerful agave plant who is rich in these polysaccharides. The Agave spa products are simple to apply and leave your skin feeling fresh, beautiful and glowing. Continue taking deep breaths throughout the day. Keeping a rhythmic breathing routine will keep fresh oxygen in your bloodstream.

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