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A couple years ago my friend and I decided to take a spontaneous girl trip to explore Europe. A week before our journey, I made sure to mention to my friend that she must pack light since the plan was to constantly travel and relocate through bus, train, and plane to see as many parts of Europe as we possibly could. Our plan was to meet at the airport and catch the same flight to entertain ourselves during the long flight from the US to Europe. When we finally met up, my friend had brought her whole entire room with her to the airport. How in the world does this girl think she's going to get around Europe with 20-30 pound suitcases? There’s two types of people in this world, the over-packer and the compact packer. I can consider myself a compact packer because I make sure all my clothes are match-able so that my outfits can be interchanged as many times as they could. I also keep in mind to keep small portions of the things I know I wouldn’t be able to survive without during a long trip.

When we get to our first destination and have settled in to our first of many stops, I couldn’t help but notice all of the full sized body and skincare products my friend had taken with her. I understand that as a woman, we can’t live without pampering ourselves with the best products (guilty). Especially in Europe, we want to look our best just in case we cross paths with a good looking french man. I’m all about looking fabulous with glowing skin as much as any other woman, but has anyone ever heard of a thing called travel sizes? You can just imagine my friend struggling while we rush and squeeze into crowded train stations. As a good friend, I wasn’t going to let her deal with all the weight alone, but I did warn her about packing light and now I’m warning you!

Summer is around the corner and that means vacationing season is closer than we thought. If you don’t want to end up being the queen of over-packing and dealing with unnecessary weight like my friend had to, enter the world of travel-sized products with me.

As I mentioned before, I love to pamper myself with skincare products that’ll leave my skin glowing. You’ll never catch me traveling without my Agavespa Traveling Kits in my luggage. This line has a variety of travel kit sets that are perfect for any traveling occasion. From everyday essentials like shower gel, body cream, and body scrub to products you can use if you’re feeling adventurous like their natural bug repellent. Most importantly, these products are made without harsh chemicals and are all made with Agave extract.  Aside from the great scent and beneficial properties, it is simple to apply at any moment because of its size. I keep their mini Brightening Facial Cream on my carry-on to moisturize my skin when it becomes dry on the plane. Good hygiene is also something to consider when traveling especially for the sake of the person sitting next to you in an 8 hour plane ride. Keep small portions of toothpaste, deodorant, hand sanitizer and a cleansing gel in your carry on to freshen up.

Before my actual trip, I take a mini trip to the mall to get as many free samples of my favorite makeup and perfume products to take along with me. These samples are perfect because you can throw them out when you’re done and get to come home with less weight on you. If you’re traveling with your lover, don’t forget to grab a mini massage oil from Agave Spa's travel collection to spice up the trip and set the mood...


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