Office Beauty | Stay glamorous at your workplace

Stay glamorous at your workplace with these simple beauty hacks

Feels like just another manic Monday at work doesn’t it? Well, no one at the office needs to know you’re feeling this way about being at work if your appearance is telling them otherwise… You want to look energized, glamorous and most importantly professional. These simple office beauty hacks will keep you looking “fab” till the clock strikes 5!


 Face Touching

I know it's hard to catch yourself before doing this, but there's many
reasons why touching your face is a giant no-no. First off, are your fingers clean? Dirty fingers to face contact will transfer any dirt and bacteria to your skin. And what about your makeup? How do we expect our makeup to stay “on fleek” if we keep rubbing our eyes and smudging a $50 mascara? Don’t do it! 


Hands Off The Hair

 As much as you might want to pull your hair out at work, refrain from touching it so that it will be left looking clean and fabulous like the way you styled it back at home. Stick with hairstyles that are simple and comfortable so that it doesn’t need to be constantly fixed throughout the day. You can style your hair with a soft bun, loose ponytail, or keep it down... but out of your face. Touching your hair too often will make it look greasy and dull.


Choose Subtle Colors

Choosing subtle colors can range from your makeup to your “OOTD.” When deciding on what to wear, choose light colors, pastels and neutrals such as black, white or grey. Keep it professionall ladies, there’s no need to look like 2012's Lady Gaga at your work scene. As per makeup, leave any wild, eye-catching colors for your Friday night! You want to look clean and proper at work. Wear light shades of pink on your cheeks, a soft-nude lip and lastly, black mascara and a light colored eye shadow to compliment your eyes.


Emergency Essentials

Every girl has got to have an emergency essentials pouch somewhere in her purse. Keep things like bandages, hair elastics, pain relievers, a small compact mirror, sanitary napkins, chap-stick, a mini sewing kit and some hand sanitizer if you’re a germaphobe like me! Since the office can get a little chilly, I recommend keeping a travel sized facial moisturizer to feed your skin with, so it could look and feel glowing all day long. AgaveSpa skincare offers the cutest travel sized "shots" to keep in your bag for wherever you go. It's good to keep these accessories at a grabbing distance, especially at your workplace since you’ll be sitting there for a while…  

Moisturized Hands

Keep a bottle of body lotion at your desk to moisturize your hands anytime they start becoming dry. It is common for our hands to look cold and dull as we are often typing and writing. I like using the Agave Spa Body Lotion when my hands start to get this way as it is filled with polysaccharides and instantly gives my hands a youthful glow.


Achieve an “Energized Look”

Even though you might be daydreaming about your bed, you have to keep an energized, awake look at work. If you happened to go to sleep past your bedtime the night before and come to work with droopy and dark under eyes, invest in a cooling eye gel to reduce the look of exhaustion your eyes might be giving away. Whenever I start feeling sleepy on the job, I use my handy dandy Sun Mist to replenish the humidity on my skin and freshen up my face up giving me that dewy, straight-out-of-the-salon finish. I found mine here.

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