6 Foods That Are Aging Your Skin

You wouldn’t be hearing the old saying “you are what you eat” if it didn’t serve its purpose. Our bodies conditions can be determined from what we are allowing inside of it, and in this case we’re talking food. Here are some everyday foods and drinks you might be consuming that are aging your skin and you don’t even know it.



We all know that eating an excess amount of sugar can result in thunder thighs and muffin tops but aside from those unwanted jiggles, I am sure most of us aren’t aware on how that same sugar can make us look older than what we are. The science behind this is simple, when we have more sugar than what our bodies can process it undergoes something called glycation. Glycation is when the excess sugar molecules combine with the protein in the body creating something called “advanced glycation end products” AGES for short. AGES damages the collagen on your skin, this collagen is the protein responsible to keep your skin firm and looking youthful.


I am the kind of person that loves to have a nice glass of wine every night to relax after a long stressful day. The reality is that alcohol will eventually age our skin more than we would expect. Alcohol, as we all know, affects our liver, which is responsible for detoxifying our body. If the toxins are not broken down, they will affect your skin which can result with things like acne, swolleness, wrinkles, and rosacea outbreaks. “Alcohol also dehydrates our body and affects our sleep leading to premature wrinkles, uneven pigmentation and reduced elasticity.” confirmed by Dr.Ostad.




Even if you aren’t one to add salt to your cooking, you can find salt in many of the foods you consume elsewhere. For example, you can find preserved sodium in those canned foods that we turn to when we’re too lazy to cook. Salt can give you a puffy, tired look.

Processed Meat

Processed meats like sausages, bacon and deli meats are very common purchases when you’re shopping at your local market. These all have one thing in common and that it is the sulfates and preservatives that they contain. “What we might not know is that these chemicals added to the meats can cause inflammation in the skin and accelerated appearance of aging.” says Dr.Ostad. Plus the content of salt these meats have is so high that it gives me a puffy look that is not flattering. I recommend trying alternative ingredients to put in your sandwiches like turkey or chicken.

Energy Drinks

I know many people addicted to the temporary rush from these newly made “energy” drinks. What’s not so temporary, are the stains your teeth are more vulnerable to having due to the acidity levels in these enamel stripping juices. You’re gonna want your youthful smile to compliment your youthful skin.



This one just hurts to read because I cannot even open my eyes in the morning without having a sniff of a good O’l cup of hot Joe. Caffeine's diuretic form makes your body lack moisture leading the dryness to cause future wrinkles. But wait, there is a light at the end of the tunnel with our much needed caffeine. We can combat this dryness with a moisturizer that contains hyaluronic acid. I recommend AgaveSpa’s Agave and Pearl Anti-Aging Cream, not only complimented by hyaluronic acid, but also made with a super-moisturizing, water retaining plant known as the “Agave.”


Okay, so now you're thinking what is left for me? Water, veggies, fruit? It looks like all of the goodies have been taken away from our plate, but on the bright side, Sex could still be on the table and they say its good for your skin!  


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