5 Tips to Relieve Your Sunburn


     Back-to-back Spring Break beach days sound like a great way to get your relaxation on, but if you didn’t protect yourself properly while having fun in the sun, your skin on the other hand mightn't of had the best time. If your skin appears red, painful and irritated, you my friend, have gotten a case of what is well known as a sunburn! As if this sunburn isn’t painful already, the time it takes to heal is an even bigger pain. Let’s speed up the process with these 5 tips to relieve your achy skin and bring it back to being healthy and moisturized.

1. Medicine - You can start your healing process by taking an over the counter medication. This might reduce redness, inflammation and specially the discomfort as it will also keep you from wanting to touch the area which is not a good thing.


2. Water + Apple Cider Vinegar - Now, you might feel a bit intimidated after reading the word vinegar, and yes you will smell like salad, but this combo has been effective in cooling the skin from a painful sunburn.  Apple cider vinegar has natural anti-inflammatory properties along with vitamins and minerals to help fasten the healing process. Since apple cider vinegar is so concentrated, it is highly recommended to dilute it with water before applying it directly to the skin.

3. Moisturize - It is time to restore your skin from those moisture sucking sun rays! You have to replenish and help renew your skin. It is commonly known to apply an Aloe Vera infused moisturizer to alleviate the sunburn since it gives a refreshing and cooling sensation when it touches your skin. But now I believe we have an even better and more powerful new remedy which is also infused with the Aloe Vera and other natural healing ingredients. The Agave Spa After Sun Balm made with the Agave plant and aloe vera has been used for centuries by the Aztecs and Mayans to cure wounds. It is those polysaccharides that are the reason why it works like a miracle plant for a sunburn remedy. Dosing up on these Agave infused products after a day in the sun or at anytime of the year will boost your moisture levels to avoid dry skin and in this case, sunburns.  Burnt or not, I use the the Agave Spa After Sun Balm after a long day in the beach along with spraying the Agave After Sun Mist a couple of times a day to stay refreshed and get that dewy skin.

4. Drink Water - As we all know, excessive exposure to the sun can make our skin extremely dry. It’s important to hydrate your skin from the outside, but it’s just as important to keep it hydrated from the inside as well. Drinking water plays a major role in hydrating the body during any time of the year. The recommended in these cases is more than 8 cups of water a day, though it may seem like a lot, the more you drink, the easier it will become to keep drinking. If you follow the recommended water intake per day you will see a tremendous change in your sunburn so start chugging!


5. Protect, protect, protect - Prevention is the best medicine. The amount of SPF you need in your sunscreen depends on how long and at what time of day you’ll be going outside. The sun is at its highest in the sky between 10am-4pm. It is common for us to apply sunscreen only once a day but this is a bad habit and no way to keep your skin protected. Instead of taking the time to talk to that cute guy at the beach, take the time to reapply your sunscreen. So if you know you are going out to the beach around 12 pm and apply an SPF of 15, it needs to be reapplied more frequently than an SPF of 45 would have too. Many people think the higher concentration of SPF the better. But once you get above 50, the skin damages can become something we definitely don’t want to be dealing with. From skin damages, to aging and even the possibility of skin cancer. It seems that many people aren’t aware that this was even a possibility, but according to Dr. Wang from the
Skin Cancer Foundation  “In places like Europe and Australia they have adopted UVA testing guidelines and measurements standards, and capped the SPF of sunscreens over 50.” Hmm… I guess the USA hasn’t quite caught up yet.

It is really important to wear the appropriate amount of sunscreen E V E R Y D A Y and before you step out to the sun. I am guilty of applying this in a rush and while already at the beach. This is not a good way to protect your skin, nor a good way to tan either. If you want your tan to last longer, avoid having burnt skin by taking your time to spread a good amount of sunscreen. Aside from reducing the risk of sun cancer, you can also reduce premature signs of aging, sunspots and most importantly, you will avoid bad sunburns! Another thing to keep in mind, is to apply sunscreen in all places that will be exposed to the sun. I mention this because it is common for us to forget to apply it in sensitive places like the back of your neck and your feet!

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