What You Didn't Know About Your Skincare Products

If you have been getting yourself into the world of anti-aging products, you may have come across an ingredient called retinol more than a couple of times. Retinol is a very well known ingredient in skincare products like serums and moisturizers due to what is believed to be anti-aging magic. What many aren’t aware of, is that retinol, has been used for a while now as a solution to lighten sunspots that has been recommended by dermatologist. Now, retinol won’t make your wrinkles disappear, but they are capable of making them less visible. But what companies aren't telling you, is that retinol can actually worsen your skin if not prepared and applied correctly for its “magic” to truly activate. I know what you’re probably thinking... Why aren’t skin-care companies informing us when selling products that can harm our skin if not used properly?

What is Retinol?

Now, you don’t need to ditch your retinol products because it really is capable of reversing sun damages and signs of aging. Paula's Choice researches mention that "Retinol is another name for the entire vitamin A molecule, and vitamin A—in all its forms—is what is known as a "cell-communicating" ingredient. By cell-communicating, we mean retinol can actually "tell" a skin cell to behave, and even to act like a normal, healthy, younger skin cell." Retinol will work like a chemical peel so please keep in mind, that you will feel a burning sensation after applying since your skin is working its way to becoming “new” again. Another thing to keep in mind is that Vitamin A will deteriorate when constantly being exposed to air and light, so when you are out shopping for retinol in your products, make sure the packaging comes in a dark bottle with pumps or tubes and a secured cap.  

What’s The Correct Way to Apply Retinol?

Retinol is a powerful concentrated ingredient. After applying retinol, our skin is left extremelly delicate, it is advised to keep your bare skin away from the sun. Walking outside to the direct sunlight, unprotected might not be the best idea… Doing so will cause a burning sensation that will lead to dryness, which can then, eventually, lead to fine lines and sunspots. According to WebMd,  “retinol will have the opposite effect and actually make skin age faster because it is more susceptible to the sun.“ Retinol will truly activate its anti-aging properties best when applied before bedtime, if your beauty routine was a part of the Star Wars saga, retinol will definitely be on the “dark-side.”

Is Retinol Safe to Use In My Every Day Beauty Regimen?

We all want to avoid signs of aging, and to do so, we need a committed skincare routine with top anti aging ingredients for the results to actually show. Like I mentioned before, retinol is a strong ingredient and it works its magic when reducing signs of aging. So, I can totally understand why you would like to use this everyday. I suggest searching for products that have a less concentrated form of retinol. Search for “retinyl palmitate” so it isn’t as harsh on your skin. Remember, you need to feed your skin after it has become new! I recommend to apply products after your treatment that have water retaining properties to keep your skin moisturized. Ever heard of polysaccahrides? Polysaccharides are sugar-like molecules that are naturally found in our skin, they are responsible for the skin’s ability to hydrate and retain water, which can work great when combined with retinol since one of the effects is that your skin can become dry. You can find the polysaccharides ingredient in products that use the Agave plant. The Agave is rich in these polysaccharides and the best part is that it comes from mother nature so that we know it is safe to use.  Now as far as your other skincare products, according to Paula’s choice you should “Use a gentle cleanser, soothing toner, and well-formulated moisturizers/serums to help your skin better tolerate retinol treatments.” I recommend Agave Spa skincare, all of their products are made with the Agave plant whose polysaccharides are critical for skin repair and retain the moisture in your skin therefore it can help avoid skin becoming irritated!

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