It's Time For New Skincare Products

How do we know when it’s finally time to be out with the old and in with the new? If your skincare regimen isn’t making you glow like it used too, you should take it as a sign that you two should break up. Our skin is aging and so is your beauty routine. The same brand you used a couple years ago might have done your skin well at the time but since our skin is becoming older, what we used back then won’t be as efficient to the skin we have now. So the question is, when do we know when it’s time to update our skincare products?

  • You don’t notice any positive results- If the only difference you see in your skin is that it looks dull and uneven. It’s probably because the products you have now aren’t the right ones for you and this is your skin's way of letting you know. If you notice persistent redness or a sudden break out, it’s because your skincare product is probably irritating your skin. You should seek products that have natural activating ingredients such as antioxidants to boost oxygen levels and increase blood circulation to achieve skin renewal.  

  • Season’s come and go- With the change of seasons, comes a change in climate. It’s time to retire the daily moisturizer you couldn’t live without during the winter months and switch it up for something less heavy. Due to cold climate, it is suggested to use a thicker cream to protect your skin from the harsh weather. But since Spring is around the corner, you can turn your winter cream to a night cream and look for a lighter consistency moisturizer for daily application. You can try AgaveSpa’s Brightening Cream that replenishes moisture and restores the natural brightness of your face so that you can have glowing skin to show off this Spring.

  • Expired- I’m not trying to state the obvious with this tip, but it is common for many of us to forget that our skincare products, as well as many other things, come with an expiration date. No need to feel bad, with our stressful schedules it can be time consuming to get rid of these oldies to update them for new ones. Make sure you keep an eye out on your skincare products expiration date to avoid applying yucky bacteria directly to your skin. According to Paula’s Choice, “Using a product beyond its expiration date risks irritation, rashes, blemishes and various skin or eye infections.” If your products start to smell funny and the consistency is just not the same it’s time for them to hit the trash.

  • If You Start Noticing Wrinkles- It’s time to add anti-aging products to your beauty regimen if you peek an unwanted wrinkle. Like I mentioned before, as our skin becomes older our beauty routine needs to get stronger.  Make sure you seek anti-aging products that are made with hyaluronic acid to increase collagen production along with polysaccharides which are responsible for the skin's natural ability to retain water so that your skin feels nice and hydrated. A reduction of polysaccharides can lead to dry skin which eventually leads to wrinkles... No thank you!  You can get back your baby face by persistently applying your new anti-aging products in no time. I personally turn to AgaveSpa's Skincare products due to the Agave plant naturally being rich in polysaccharides. Because of this, my face feels young again! 

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